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Monday TV ratings 12/12/2009

Terra Nova had a series low ratings last night, with 2.1 adults 18-49. Sadly, it is a dangerous number, not just because the show is very expensive (production cost), but also because the rating should be 3.0 ou higher (the “secure zone”, as it’s called by the networks).

However, I think the show will get better numbers next week’s episode, once it will be the two-hour season (or series?) finale.

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TV Ratings - Monday (Preliminary)

Terra Nova rose 24% this week to 2.6 adults (18-49) with 7.67 million viewers.

Thanks, God! This week’s ratings were really much better, but I think it can get better than this. Go, Terra Nova!

(Source: tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com)

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So, I’m worried…

Guys, I’m really worried about the ratings of Terra Nova. Why? So, take a look at this “series week-by-week ratings” and the number of viewers:

Week #1 1x01 and 1x02:
Rate (18-49): 3.1/8 (GOOD)
Viewers: 9.22 million
Time: 8:00 PM 

Week #2 1x03:

Rate (18-49): 3.1/8 (GOOD)
Viewers: 8.73 million
Time: 8:00 PM 

Week #3 1x04:
Rate (18-49): 2.5/7 (bad)
Viewers: 7.00 million
Time 9:00 PM (Football night).

Week #4 1x05:
Rate (18-49): 2.8/7 (not so good yet no bad…)
Viewers: 8.31 million
Time: 8:00 PM 

Week #5 1x06:
Rate (18-49): 2.1/6 (REALLY BAD).
Viewers: 6.59 million
Time: 8:00 PM 

Yeah, the series lost almost 2 million viewers (a new series low)…


I REALLY would like if Terra Nova gets a second season, but we should remember that this 1st season will have 13 episodes, and once the series are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE and ratings are decreasing at this intensity… yeah, that’s exacly what you are thinking… =/

If Fox moves Terra Nova to Wednesday, I think the ratings would get better. What do you think?

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Yellow flag to Terra Nova. The 18-49 Rating should be close (or higher) to 3.0. Please, FOX, help Terra Nova.

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Monday Final Ratings

Terra Nova was adjusted up to 2.8. Not so bad, yet not so good.

(Source: tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com)

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